One of the top 3 frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we have at Heroes Church is “Why Heroes?” In promoting the vision of the church since it began, it has been quite the query by most.

In a country where most church names are meek and saintly in nature i.e. “<blank usually filled with a place, adjective, or noun> Christ/Christian Fellowship” or “Church of St. <blank filled with a favorite saint’s name>”, Heroes Church comes a little too strong for taste, a tad bit triumphalistic.

Or is it?

Heroes Church is a Christ-centered community in the city. Every week, it preaches Christ to people. The basic idea is that in this church, we present Jesus as the Ultimate Hero, and when we believe and follow Him, we are given the opportunity to be (small h) heroes, touched by Him who paved the way for us to follow. We see this journey acted out in community, which is why we believe the church is not a place for solo-flighting. An isolated hero is an endangered hero, and so we don’t want that. Lastly, the concept of heroes means living for a cause, and that includes being a productive citizen in society, contributing much to its welfare. We encourage people to be the best professionals they can be, as well as seeking social pursuits such as helping the poor and making the world a better place.

Is this Biblical?

Yes it is. In fact, Jesus is called “Hero” in the Bible. In the original Greek form of the New Testament, we have the word “Archegos” which was used at least 4x. In Acts 3:15, Jesus is the “Archegos” of life whom God raised from the dead. In Acts 5:31, Jesus is the “Archegos” through whom forgiveness and repentance were given. In Hebrews 2:10, Jesus is the “Archegos” of salvation made perfect through suffering. In Hebrews 12:2, we are called to fix our eyes on Jesus, the “Archegos” an perfecter of our faith, and Heroes Church does nothing less than answering this call. Common Biblical translations render “Archegos” as author, but the original meaning meant so much more, denoting being a founding hero. It is this that our church builds its name on – Jesus the Ultimate Archegos.

This is why we seek to find people who are called to a life of Christianity that doesn’t only see it as a ticket to Heaven, but an expression of something more – a life lived for a cause – as taught by the Pioneer of Life – Jesus Christ. This means ministry for us is not limited to facilitating small groups and playing on the church band, but really living in the world to make a positive difference, the way Jesus lived, to the Ultimate Cost of His life. With this foundation, I am excited to see how many people will respond to the Gospel and help make this world not only a better place, but a place we all dream it to be.


-Pastor Z

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