Welcome to Heroes Church! For starters, let me tell you a story.

Prior to the 19th century, most people saw Biblical parables as allegorical with one of Christianity’s favorite sons, St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), assigning a one-to-one correspondence to each character in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

At the turn of a new century, Adolf Jülicher (1857–1938) studied Jesus’ parables and declared that they are non-allegorical unless indicated in the text. This became a turning point in Biblical interpretation, which liberated people from a lot of improper handling of the Word.

Today, most scholars agree with this stand. The debate continues though as to whether Jülicher’s one parable-one point ratio holds water. Some of his contemporaries say there can be details worth dissecting within the umbrella theme.

This interplay of events shows us that we cannot get too comfortable nor complacent with Church and Christianity. There is room for continuous learning, unlearning, and growth. It takes not only an intellectual humility, but a spiritual one as well to understand that a Bible-believing faith is not easy, but a hard candy that takes life-long chewing to unravel all the taste we can muster.

This attitude can be achieved in a setting that is committed to the ancient, makes the most out of today, and is sensitive to the changing landscape of the future. If what we believe is so valuable as finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then surely it will take time and just like any legendary epic, will have twists and turns, challenges, and yes, even mistakes.

Ideally, the church is the best place for this. Sadly, there are people who see the church as a moral institution, instigating what’s right and punishing what’s wrong. Yes, the church must stand for goodness and truth, but such is incomplete without love. Now love takes on a new deal, but if perfect love casts away fear, then we must find it.

Heroes Church is built on this love found in Christ. In Him, love actually finds us. His rock-solid love, as manifested and expressed in the cross – a willful necessity – is the center of our faith, and we are committed to growing in this good news together as a community of faith.

We believe in what is ancient, we roll with the changes of every turn of today, and listen to the hums of the future. If you share the same passion for such a journey, then I personally invite you to join us.

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