Gospel-Centered Relationships

Over the years, there has been a steady rise of the idea that Christian evangelism and discipleship are all about relationships. Hence, many who feel like making friends with others is the best way to go about living the Christian life. Yet one who truly makes “friends” should understand that building relationships is hard.

People are never easy. Our humanity cannot be defined in boxes, and whatever good we have can always be overshadowed by a silly mistake here and there. Some people think Christianity’s out there to change lives. Yes, that may be true. But if we also say Christianity is about relationships, then it wouldn’t’ be that hard to figure out that we should be able and willing to hold the line for people, even at their most unflattering selves.

Though very welcoming, I’m sure we all know the rigors of relationships. I was once asked about what to do in case someone who’s been a second chance messes up again. Remembering the words of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, when Peter asked Him how many times we should forgive, I said that when we hold out the line for someone, we have to be ready to keep holding that line for another until the miracle of transformation takes place. For holding the line is our duty as grateful recipients of God’s grace, while transformation is the work of God.

At Heroes Church, people from different backgrounds, religious systems, and social status, can come and be accepted. This is because God’s grace is present within us, and that is what we offer to others. Keeping relationships is made possible only when the love of God is present. Hence, Heroes Church builds on this love, and that is why we are able to put a premium on relationships.

Let me end with an excerpt from a testimony of a person in our community:

“At Heroes Church, I do not need to pretend to be something other than who I am. My imperfections are evident, and my shortcomings towards this young church already numerous, yet I am accepted. Indeed, many of those I consider to be my closest friends today are part of Heroes Church. They see my weaknesses. They know my failings. And yet, they still consider me a friend. So how can I not consider them mine? Such love and acceptance is nothing short of heroic.”


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