Of Miracles and Operating Rooms


A Testimony of our Heavenly Father’s Grace and Mercy in Rona’s Life. 


Good evening, everyone! I’m very thankful that I am able to see you all and worship with you again. I have been on house arrest for three weeks now to give way to my recuperation and recovery after the surgery. I am before you now as it is my desire to honor the Lord and to honor you, my community, as I share the highlights of my experience and how God’s graciousness is reflected through them.

I believe it was five years ago when it was discovered that I had a mass or a myoma in my uterus. Since its size was still small back then and it was not really causing any problems, my OB’s recommendation was just to monitor its growth. So, for the following years I went for regular ultrasound and visits to my OB. It was steadily increasing in size but did not really need any interventions to be done. However, last year I neglected to go for my check up and when I had my annual executive check up then last May, the doctors were quite alarmed with the size and number of my myoma-s. Apparently, I now have 3 and they have grown dramatically in the last two years. The recommendation of the doctor in charge (who was not my original OB) was a surgery ASAP.  The procedure to be done was a myomectomy but she said I had to be ready as a hysterectomy was also a possibility should they see that the uterus has already been severely affected.

Coming out of the doctor’s office, I had felt a mixture of shock, fear, anxiety and anger . I felt that everything was happening so fast. I had to make an urgent and frightening decision when I also had commitments and schedules to consider. I found that more than the surgery itself, I was more terrified at the possibility of not being able to bear children. Isn’t that what is said to be the “essence of a woman”? What else of value could I offer if I could not offer that?

I had to have a good cry to the Lord as I surrendered all these feelings and fears to him. I am utterly grateful that as I did so, He in turn granted me His peace and consolation in spite of the scary prospect. In His goodness, our heavenly Father assured me that I am loved and cherished for who I am and not for what I can do or what I can produce. My prayer then, was that the He will grant me grace and beauty as I go through the whole experience. It was my wish to gracefully face the procedure and the result – whatever it may be and that I will able to say that it is well with my soul.

Following the decision to go for surgery, I am yet again thankful to God for I saw His hand guiding me throughout the entire process – from finding the doctor who will do the procedure (I initially wanted my original OB to do it, but I found out that she was on leave as she underwent surgery herself), choosing the hospital where to do it, setting the date and even making arrangements for work, all just seemed to fall into place.

The hours leading up to the surgery are what I found to be the most critical test of faith.  I had been hoping to stay in my room while waiting for the actual operation where I could quietly prepare myself and also have familiar people around me, praying for me. I spent the waiting hours though, all six of them, in the pre-operating area where all I could hear different women giving birth, babies crying, delirious patients rambling  and nurses and doctors running around. It was truly quite challenging to maintain peace and grace in this atmosphere. I felt that I was in that proverbial time of being “just you and God” and thankfully, I have found that He is sufficient. I drew strength and courage from remembering past trying experiences where the Lord has saw me through, from Jesus’ own suffering and triumph, from the promises in His Word (btw, I now have renewed appreciation for memory verses), from songs of worship and praise, from the knowledge that many people were praying for me – and from the fact that should the worst thing occur (ie. that the operation should go wrong and that I die) I would still find myself in the arms of God. These truths lent me my sanity and prevented me from going berserk in the pre-operating room.

Upon regaining consciousness after the surgery, my first words were “Yung uterus ko, andyan pa?” Cel’s reply was, “Oo, okay pa sya.” “Thank you, Lord” was all I could utter before going back to sleep and up to now it has been the constant prayer of my heart.

Thank you, Lord for you have enabled me to encounter multiple miracles with this experience…

Thank you, Lord for it turns out, I did not have 3 but 8 myomas – thank you for the miracle of their being taken away successfully while keeping my uterus intact.

Thank you, Lord for the miracle of friends and family – my Heroes community – who have shown and are continually showing in so many ways – through prayers, visits, texts, calls, favors, pasalubongs, messages, words of rebuke and words of encouragement– that your love and presence are very real and concrete. By giving the gifts of themselves I am assured that I am not alone.

Thank you, Lord most especially for Cel and Geny, my patient and vigilant caregivers who tirelessly see to my needs and ensure my speedy recovery.

Thank you, Lord for the miracle of your provision. Thank you that I need not worry where to get the resources to cover the costs of the operation.

Thank you Lord for the miracle of your self. Thank you for your all-sufficient and all-sustaining grace that though you may not always remove the cause of our fears, you give us the inward resources to deal with them.

In all these, may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified and be made beautiful. Amen.

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