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On April 16, 2011, Heroes Church launched its newly constructed ministry center with an event called “Key to the City.”

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of Grand Hamptons Tower 1 in 2nd Ave. cor. 31stst., the church planting project reaches a new milestone as it strengthens its commitment to spread the Gospel in the city it belongs to. The event featured music, cocktails, and a vision that was casted yet again to members and guests.

With a home base secured, the ministry center opens doors to progress in the ministry. After a year of renting space for weekly meetings, the newfound home of Heroes Church makes it possible for more interaction and brings the message of a Christ-centered community in the city closer to home.

What was supposed to be the start of an awareness campaign, Key to the City, proved to be more of a boost to the men and women who became part of the church’s journey. After meeting in selected coffee shops, diners, homes, and event spaces, the church now has a place it can call its own. Truly, God is faithful and the commitment that the people have given to Him and the vision has bore fruit at an appointed time.

Key to the City, the event that launches the ministry center, is not a beginning, but a continuation of the journey of a church in the making, built from hearts touched by the desire to reach out to imperfect people who need a safe place to experience love, discover relationships, and find relevance in the city. I praise God for the opportunity to plant a base of Gospel operations at the heart of the city. I thank Him for the people and institutions He has used to contribute greatly to the cause of this church. The church is very excited for how the center will be able to cater more to people and serve their spiritual needs.

On a more personal note, I remember the prayer of dedication of King Solomon when he built the temple of God (cf. 1 Kings 8, 2 Chronicles 6). For the most part, he asked that the temple be a place where people can pray and be heard. It is my heart’s desire that the new Heroes Church center will be a house of prayer for people longing for refuge. I pray that our center will be a place where the Gospel is heard, appreciated, and brought to life.


-Pastor Z


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