We don’t need to start anymore churches…

A week before Christmas, a pastor from another church handed me a peculiar looking journal for me to browse and see if it’s any helpful for my ministry. It’s the 6th Volume of The Thin Line produced by Catalyst Space. The journal was more than helpful, it actually challenged my thinking and affirmed Heroes Church’s vision for city church planting.
In one article, Reggie Joiner wrote strong words with the intent of creating positive tension within the leadership. Here’s a paragraph taken from that article:

WE DONT NEED TO START ANY MORE CHURCHES. Or at least we don’t need to start another church like the church that already exists down the road. What if we decided to only start churches for people who are not already going to church? Admit it: most start-up churches are designed for people who already attend church. Should our goal be to create the same style of church that already exist to reach people who are already attending another church that they already like? Maybe we should create a church that is different enough to present an alternative for those who can’t find a church. So if you are going to start a church, consider doing something that is not being done.   [page 25]

This statement rings in harmony with the very core of Heroes Church’s vision. We do not strive to be different just to be different. Our hope is that in doing something that is not being done, Heroes Church will offer an alternative for people to be part of something beyond them and for them to experience the true source of hope and freedom, Jesus.

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