The Heroes Ministry Center Project

It has always been part of the plan since the beginning to have a strong presence in Global City where we can make the most Gospel-centered impact in the community. And we can only achieve so if we are fully immersed in the city. Hence, we have initiated the process of    acquiring a ministry center at the heart of Global City within the year.

The Heroes Ministry Center is intended to become our base of operations of our church planting project in Global City. It will function as an office space, a place for prayer and counseling, a safe place for people to come and enjoy conversations over coffee, and even a place for an intimate worship service!

This is probably one of the biggest endeavors that Heroes has made so far, and it only authenticates our commitment to fulfill God’s vision for the city whatever the cost. That is why we don’t want to do this on our own.   We hope that you can take a step of faith and join us in this exciting      challenge.








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