The City is Buzzing with Life


The city buzzes with life! But with it comes an unseen pollution: noise.

If there’s one thing that separates city life with rural environment, it is that noise levels are significantly higher. In the city, background noise suddenly become foreground noise.

Every single day you have to put up with new mall constructions, honking cars, and loud radio on the bus. You wish you have the remote to turn the volume down, or at least change the station. Instead, you replace these unwanted sounds with something that has groove and melody. So you whip out your trusty Mp3 player and play a Justin Beiber hit or press next before anyone notices you’re listening to it.

The world is often too loud we can’t hear ourselves think anymore, much less hear God amidst the chaos. I wonder if that’s the reason why folks from centuries ago hear God more – they didn’t have to deal with SuperBass (TM) or Surround Sound accessories.

There’s very little time to be quiet these days, and most of the time that’s what we are looking for.


Heroes church is committed to build a Christ-centered community in the city, and we desire to develop an atmosphere that is conducive to contemplation. This is why we structure our worship service to help you do just that. We do not entertain. Rather, we journey with you and together, we reflect the realities of life and express thought-provoking questions. We share messages that challenge the way you think more than you expect. Every week, we commit ourselves to present the Gospel clearly and relevantly that it will impact our lives immensely.

We have a come-as-you-are culture. You do not have to speak, act, or dress in a certain way in to fit in – you are welcome just the way you are.

So if you are looking for a personal church experience…if you have been longing for that quiet moment of contemplation…if you are searching for a community of imperfect people to belong to, join our worship service every SSunday, 5-6:30pm at the %th Flr Chapel of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City.

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