Miracle baby!

On October 19, 2010, the Lord blessed us with a normal and very healthy baby boy. We are thankful to everyone who prayed for us and to our Lord Jesus Christ for hearing our prayers. About two months before Kat gave birth, she was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios (a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. It is seen in 0.2 to 1.6% of pregnancies. It is typically diagnosed when the amniotic fluid index is greater than 20 cm.) This was seen during one of her ultrasound examinations. The doctors informed us that the fetus’ limbs were quite short and feared that the baby might have possibilities of congenital abnormalities and/or dwarfism.

The news of course made us quite distressed and uneasy. It bothered me a lot but I tried not to show it. I prayed to God and asked Him why He was giving us a baby but then identifying the baby with a complication. Through our devotions with the Lord, He asked us to trust in Him. He reminded us that He has a purpose for everything and that He will not let us alone. Family and friends including Heroes Church supported us and continued with prayers. Eventually, the day arrived when God answered all our prayers. When Kat gave birth to our baby boy, I wanted to be the one to accompany her in the birthing room since I was very excited and I know that the Lord will answer our prayers.

My mother-in-law insisted on being the one to accompany her daughter. So I stayed outside and waited for about 15 hours. When our baby Kale was brought to the huggery, I stood outside staring at a healthy baby boy who was at that time still naked and very much awake and very active. I tried to measure his limbs on a perspective from afar and asked myself ‘Are my baby’s limbs short? I don’t think so!’ His limbs were proportionate to his head and his body. He was not at all short and was in fact big and tall for his size. Immediately, I thanked God for His awesomeness! I just can’t explain how great our God is! Recently, we received Kale’s new born screening results and everything is normal. Praise God! And lately, I have also reflected on everything that had happened beginning with Kat’s pregnancy to Kale’s birth and realized God’s purpose on why He brought us the news of a possible complication in our baby. His purpose was to remind me of how amazing He is and that there is no other God like Him. He also brought me back to Him since I was lost for quite a while. And I am thankful that this time, He brought all three of us to Him. God is great! Amen.

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